Deal Valuation

When considering doing a deal, we assist you in your transactions by offering value advice and analysis to enhance deal value. You want to ensure that you pay, or receive, the right price when buying or selling a business or an interest therein. Important strategic decisions cannot be based on approximate calculations and figures. You need a proper, independent valuation that is based on facts and knowledge beyond the numbers. Importantly, our valuations can withstand the test of critical appraisal by stakeholders.

Our work consists of advice around issues like pre-deal business value, forecast analysis and value driver identification, financial risks and sensitivities, synergy value, model review and transaction model advisory.

Accounting and Tax Valuation

We support our clients with independent valuations for financial reporting purposes like goodwill and intangible asset impairment testing.

When you acquire a business, we can support you in the measurement of the tangible and intangible assets of the target at their fair values so you can report such values on your balance sheet, i.e. purchase price allocation.

With respect to valuation issues between you and the tax authories, we provide powerful and in-depth valuation support to support your interests, understanding their requirements.